Yunchao Wei 魏云超

Professor, Center of Digital Media Information Processing
Institute of Information Science | Beijing Jiaotong University
Office: 1013-B08, Science & Technology Innovation Mansion of BJTU, Beijing 100044
Email: yunchao.wei AT | wychao1987 AT
Prospective Students : Contact me.

Research Interests

My research interests include computer vision and machine learning. In particular I have recently worked in:

  • Computer Vision: classification, object detection, segmentation, vision & language, etc.
  • Machine Learning: unsupervised/weakly-supervised/semi-supervised learning, few-shot learning, domain adaptive learning, active learning, etc.

More details can be found here.


  • [ AWARD ]
    I was selected as MIT TR35 - MIT Technology Review, 35 Innovators Under 35, China.
  • [ PAPER ]
    Our work on video object segmentation (AOT) and few-shot segmentation (CyCTR) are accepted by NeurIPS 2021. Congrats Zongxin and Gengwei!
  • [ TEAM ]
    I joined Beijing Jiaotong University as a full professor on Aug 2021!

Selected Honors & Awards

  • MIT TR35 China by MIT Technology Review (2021)
  • The 1st place of the video object segmentation track in CVPR Youtube VOS Challenge (2021)
  • Early Career Researcher Award (Honorable Mention) by Australian Pattern Recognition Society (2020)
  • Top 40 early-career researchers in Australia by The Australian (2020)
  • The 2nd place of the video object segmentation track in CVPR DAVIS Challenge (2020)
  • The 1st prize in science and technology awarded by China Society of Image and Graphics (2019)
  • Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) by Australian Research Council (2019)
  • The 1st place of human parsing tracks in the 2nd CVPR Look Into Person Challenge (2018)
  • The 2nd place of video object detection/tracking tracks in ImageNet Challenge (2017)
  • Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of CIE (2016)
  • The 1st place of object detection track in ImageNet Challenge (2014)